Piano / Keyboard is the basic fundamental instrument for any beginner to adapt to.  Lessons offered include beginner to advanced of all ages.  Let’s get started today!

Flute is Laurie’s Specialty instrument.  More complicated than keyboard, this instrument is more commonly taught in middle and high school.  Lessons offered are beginner to advanced.  Minimum age: 5th grade.

Drum Lessons are offered, including Xylophone, Snare and Full Set.  Most school districts will require 2 years of keyboard before playing percussion at school.  Keyboard, however is not required to take our lessons.  Plus, you get to hang out with the coolest drummer in the area!

Voice Lessons are available if you want to take that singing voice to the next level.  Focus is on development through physical exercises, vocal range, breath control, verbrato, tone production and diction.

Brass instruments – lessons include: mainly low brass, including trumpet and french horn.  Technique, tone production, breath control are some of the elements taught.

Guitar Lessons – Coming Soon